NEWS: Ghøstkid release debut single, ‘Start A Fight’!

Credit: Promo

Having recently parted ways with Eskimo Callboy, vocalist Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler has now unveiled his new project Ghøstkid with their debut single, ‘Start A Fight’.

The band’s line-up is completed by drummer Steve Joakim, guitarist Danny Güldener (ex-To The Rats And Wolves), and bassist Stanislaw Czywil (ex-To The Rats And Wolves).

Speaking on the single, Sushi had this to say.

“Life can be hard sometimes and not always easy to navigate. This song is a personal representation of how I was feeling while going through some very hard times. I was feeling like a ticking time bomb every second of the day and ‘Start A Fight’ is the moment I said to myself, enough is enough!”

You can check out ‘Start A Fight’ and its video below.

The band’s self-titled debut album is expected to be released in November 2020 through Century Media Records.

More details are expected to follow in the coming weeks.