NEWS: Gerard Way teases more music to come in 2019!

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As you most probably know, Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance) revealed himself from the shadows of the music world over the past few months to release three solo singles; his first fresh cuts in a few years.

We predicted that these three singles – ‘Baby, You’re A Haunted House’, ‘Getting Down The Germs’ and ‘Dasher’ – would be acting as a precursor and induction to what will eventually be a sophomore solo full-length in 2019 (here), and Way has now confirmed he has plenty of material stockpiled.

In a year in review blog that Way posted recently, he confirmed that he spent a good portion of 2018 making music, and that he has a notable collection of demos that he’s currently sitting on.

“Almost every Friday this year I got to make music again, which was great. Ended up with quite the collection of demos and even got to start releasing music again toward the end of the year.”

Not only that, but later in the same blog post, Way also shared that he has written a currently yet-to-be-finished and “kind of heavy” song called ‘I Am The Hag’, which he plans to release later this year.

“2018 was a dark year full of black magic in my opinion, so it got me thinking about witches again. I was inspired to buy this mask because I had just written a song called I Am The Hag, which I haven’t finished yet. It’s kind of heavy. Maybe I’ll release it in 2019.”

If you wish to read his full year in review blog post, you can find it here.

More details surrounding future activity from Gerard Way will be confirmed as it develops.

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