NEWS: Gerard Way drops new single, ‘Getting Down The Germs’!

Credit: Promo

Following on from the surprise reveal of the Halloween-themed love song ‘Baby, You’re A Haunted House’ last month, Gerard Way has now released yet another single, titled ‘Getting Down The Germs’.

The song was penned with Ray Toro, Way‘s former bandmate and guitarist in My Chemical Romance who disbanded back in 2013.

Speaking about the track, Way had this to say.

“The whole song reminds me of wiggling, squiggling, wormy germs. It’s a very calm affair that shows a peek into where I may be heading musically. I hope you enjoy it. It was fun to make.”

You can stream and check out ‘Getting Down The Germs’ below.

At the time of writing, it hasn’t been confirmed whether these two recently songs will remain as stand alone singles, or if they’re to appear on a yet-to-be-announced EP or album.

More details will be confirmed as they develop.