NEWS: Gallows are teasing new music for 2018/2019?!

Credit: Video screenshot

The past couple of years have been a bit quiet for British hardcore punks Gallows, who after some touring off the back of 2015’s ‘Desolation Sounds’ have been either focusing on other projects or just taking time out.

In their time away from the band, frontman Wade MacNeil has been focusing on the return of Alexisonfire, guitarist Laurent Barnard has been performing in a new project Gold Key, while bassist Stuart Gili-Ross has been focusing on running his record label, Venn Records.

Now, it looks like the Gallows are waking up from their slumber in what is suspected to be a teasing of new music.

The band have just shared the below very short clip on their socials, showing the Christian symbol of the Cross of Lorraine (also the name of a song from their 2012 self-titled album) with some odd music playing in the background.

The same Cross of Lorraine symbol was also occasionally used in some of their artwork and materials throughout the cycles of their last two records.

At the time of writing, no other hint or clue as to what this actually means has been offered.

Though highly unlikely to be related, it’s also worth noting that the band’s sophomore record ‘Grey Britain’ will be celebrating its tenth anniversary next year.

More details will be confirmed as this develops.

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