NEWS: From First To Last hint at possible reunion with Sonny Moore!

Following mounting rumours cropping up online that former vocalist Sonny Moore (more widely known nowadays under his EDM pseudonym of Skrillex) has re-joined the ranks in From First To Last, the Floridian post-hardcore troupe stirred the pot further after sharing a video online of what looks like Moore in a studio recording vocals for what presumably is a new unreleased track.

You can check out the video of who we suspect to be Moore in the vocal booth below:

There have been other strong indications of Moore returning to the group in recent weeks, including a photo that was shared via guitarist/vocalist Matt Good‘s personal Facebook account, showing an image of the band from their ‘Heroine’ album era. Guitarist Travis Richter also did the same via his personal Instagram account.

A photo posted by TRAVIS RICHTER (@travisrichter) on

Spencer Sotelo (of Periphery), who joined the band as their vocalist in 2014 as part of their reunion and also featured on last year’s full-length ‘Dead Trees’, has also confirmed via Twitter that he is no longer a member of the band.

More new surrounding what’s going on in the From First To Last camp will be confirmed as and when it develops.