NEWS: Frankie Palmeri (Emmure) speaks out against I Killed The Prom Queen’s removal from Unify Gathering 2019!

Credit: 'Smokey' music video / Image still

Australia’s I Killed The Prom Queen were recently setting themselves up for a big reunion of their former line-up, with plans to perform a set at next year’s annual Unify Gathering festival.

However, despite being confirmed to join the line-up just a few days ago, organisers recently announced their decision to remove the band from the festival bill completely due to some controversial remarks made by vocalist Michael Crafter resurfacing online.

You can read more about that situation, including some statements from the both the festival and Crafter himself in our initial report of the story (here).

Now, controversial Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri has spoken out on these events, implying a hypocrisy and non-sensical approach to what he calls “selective outrage nonsense”, and that if they were to act in the same way for all past mistakes from high profile artists that we would then “have a very long list of high profile people to remove from the landscape.”

You can read Palmeri‘s full statement and opinion on the I Killed The Prom Queen situation below.

“This is really not OK. Damn shame that no one will stand in solidarity with this band.

If we (they) are going to chastise artists and musicians for their past ideas, or actions, then we (they) have a very long list of high profile people to remove from the landscape..

John Lennon used to beat his wife and kids.
(Guess that means Apple Music should delete those Beatles MP3s)

Ozzy Osbourne once attempted to kill his wife.
(Time to burn all those Black Sabbath t-shirts.)

Pablo Picasso was a known misogynist.
(Better start protest against the admiration of his work)

The list goes on and on…

Sign the petition, only takes a minute. This social justice/selective outrage nonsense, has to stop.”

More news on the future of I Killed The Prom Queen will be confirmed as it develops.

Emmure‘s seventh studio album, ‘Look At Yourself’, is out now through SharpTone Records.