NEWS: Frank Turner set to release a book of touring memoirs for Spring 2015!

Highly accoladed British singer/songwriter Frank Turner has just signed a book deal with Headline, who will be publishing the artist’s writing debut in the form of touring memoirs in hardback for Spring 2015. Frank had the following to say about it:

“It took some persuading for me to think about writing a book of any kind, but in the end I realised I’ve spent a pretty unusual amount of time touring hard in the last few years, and I have a fair few stories to tell, and maybe even a tiny smidgen of wisdom to impart to people starting out on the same path. Plus I come from a family of yarn-spinners, and I can run my mouth, so it makes sense.”

The book will be published by Headline and set to be available from Spring 2015 in hardback format, priced at £16.99 per copy.