NEWS: Frank Turner posts blog addressing the safety of women at gigs!

After wrapping up his headline set at the Electric in Brixton, South London on Friday (May 13th 2016), where he performed his 2011 studio album ‘England Keep My Bones’ in full, British singer/songwriter Frank Turner took to his site to write a blog post regarding the safety of women at gigs from sexual harassment. Turner states that after the show he received several emails from women in the crowd that night, who highlighted such experiences within the crowd.

A small excerpt from Turner‘s blog post can be read below:

“It’s actually really fucking dumb that I have to spell this out, but if you’re the kind of guy who has ever behaved like that towards a woman in any context, I’d like you to do two things: firstly, just be a fucking human, consider yourself in the other person’s shoes, ask yourself if you could defend your actions if publicly called out in front of your friends, your family, the whole crowd. And secondly, if that first part didn’t work, I’d like you to fuck off and never come to any of my shows again.”

Those who wish to read the blog post in full can do so by clicking here.