NEWS: Frank Turner details 10th anniversary edition of ‘England Keep My Bones’!

British singer/songwriter Frank Turner has announced plans to release a 10th anniversary edition of his breakthrough fourth studio album, ‘England Keep My Bones’.

The special commemorative edition will be released on June 4th 2021 via Xtra Mile Recordings, complete with a 10-track bonus disk of previously unheard demos from Turner‘s El Paso Sessions, which was recorded back in 2011 around the same time as the album’s original release.

He’s also making 15 additional solo b-sides recorded at Old Blacksmiths Studios available for the first time as a download-only exclusive alongside the physical album.

You can check out the album cover artwork, full track listing, and pre-order options below.

DISC ONE (Original Album):
01.) Eulogy
02.) Peggy Sang The Blues
03.) I Still Believe
04.) Rivers
05.) I Am Disappeared
06.) English Curse
07.) One Foot Before The Other
08.) If Ever I Stray
09.) Wessex Boy
10.) Nights Become Day
11.) Redemption
12.) Gloria Hallelujah

DISC TWO (El Paso Session Demos):
01.) Eulogy (El Paso Demo)
02.) Peggy Sang The Blues (El Paso Demo)
03.) I Am Disappeared (El Paso Demo)
04.) English Curse (El Paso Demo)
05.) One Foot Before The Other (El Paso Demo)
06.) If Ever I Stray (El Paso Demo)
07.) Redemption (El Paso Demo)
08.) Song For Eva Mae (El Paso Demo)
09.) Wanderlust (El Paso Demo)
10.) Balthazar, Impresario (El Paso Demo)

DOWNLOAD ONLY (Solo B-Side Demos):
01.) England Keep My Bones – Solo B-Sides, Old Blacksmiths Studios
02.) Barbara Allen (A Capella)
03.) Eulogy (Acoustic)
04.) If Ever I Stray (Acoustic)
05.) Glory Hallelujah (Acoustic)
06.) Song For Eva Mae (Acoustic)
07.) Wessex Boy (Acoustic)
08.) I Am Disappeared (Acoustic)
09.) Balthazar Impresario (Acoustic)
10.) Peggy Sang The Blues (Acoustic)
11.) I Still Believe (Acoustic)
12.) One Foot Before The Other (Acoustic)
13.) Nights Become Days (Acoustic)
14.) Redemption (Acoustic)
15.) Rivers (Acoustic)
16.) Wanderlust (Acoustic)

You can pre-order the album via the label’s official webstore (here).