NEWS: Former Woe, Is Me vocalist Michael Bohn addresses reunion rumours!

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Recently, Issues frontman Tyler Carter revived the Instagram account of his former band, Woe, Is Me, and with it posted an image of their debut record, ‘Number[s]’.

In turn, this sent many fans into a spiral of speculation and questions as to what this all means, including rumours of a reunion tour with the album turning 10 years old next year.

However, Michael Bohn, who handled vocal duties alongside Carter in the band during that period of their career, has addressed and outright refuted the rumours on Twitter, stating that he couldn’t be paid to do a Woe, Is Me reunion.

“Wanna clear something up real quick. I understand that the album “Number[s]” really meant a lot to so many people. Hell, it meant a lot to me as well. I appreciate the love that people have shared from that album and I’m honored to have been a part of it. However, I will not be doing any sort of reunion at all! I’m not gonna get people’s hopes up and fill them with misleading info! You couldn’t pay me to do a Woe, Is Me reunion and that’s that!”

Bohn stepped down from Woe, Is Me in 2012 a few months after co-vocalist Carter, and both went on to form Issues, who Bohn parted ways with in 2018 for seemingly inamicable reasons.

Since leaving Issues, Bohn has formed a new band called Wildheart, who to date have released one single called ‘Lonely’ (stream).

Woe, Is Me continued after Bohn‘s and Carter‘s departure with a revolving line-up of members, through which they released a further full-length album ‘Genesi[s]’ and EP ‘American Dream’ before disbanding in 2013.

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