NEWS: Finch disband (again); share demos of scrapped 4th album!

In a private post made via his Instagram account, Finch frontman Nate Barcalow announced that the band have officially parted ways again, making this the third time that the outfit have parted ways. Barcalow explains the decision lied on the fact that “the direction of the art and the delegation of control was no longer a collective decision.”

The statement that was made by the vocalist can be read in full below:

“Hello world,

Since I have been locked out of all Finch social media and this is my only outlet to “speak the truth”, I figured I would address at least the fans who follow me here and put this thing to bed.

With a heavy heart, I am sorry to say that Finch is done playing together.

Like most creative endeavors, the direction of the art and the delegation of control was no longer a collective decision. It’s sad but it happens and there is no point in fighting an uphill battle.

In my personal opinion the band would have never made it as far as it did without the devout support of the fans, and so to you I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my broken heart.

In the summer of 2015 Finch had started working on a new record which has since been abandoned and left for dead…until now. I have decided that as a last gift to you all I am going to release the demos of these songs. I still believe in these ideas and think that they deserve to be heard (even in their most raw form). I have put them up on my YouTube channel with lyrics included, so go take a listen.

I am extremely grateful for all that I had in Finch and being able to connect with you through the music that we made. I will continue to make music and I am looking to the future with hope.

Love and respect,


The scrapped demos for the band’s unfinished fourth album and follow-up to 2014’s ‘Back To Oblivion’, collectively placed under the presumably working title of ‘Phantasma’ can be listened to in full via Barcalow‘s official YouTube channel (here).

Following news of Barcalow‘s above statement, the other members of the band also commented on the split. You can read the post, that was made via the band’s official Facebook page, in full below:

“Within the last 10 years Finch has only released ONE full-length album… that can’t be understated. In 2009, Nate walked away from an album and quit. Yesterday, Nate quit again, for the third time in the bands history (2004, 2009, & 2016). We all knew it was coming, it was not a shock.

In 2015 we wrote a batch of songs, but did not have a completed album. We entered the studio with a producer friend of ours to work on some material that would complete the album and begin pre-production on the songs we already had. Nate was a no show for the majority of these sessions and chose to stop communicating with the band in January 2016. Throughout 2016 there have been tour offers we’ve had to pass on, festival appearances we’ve passed on because we were unable to reach Nate. I think it is important for Finch fans to know that we’ve always had the best intentions, we always strove to create the best songs we could, but you cannot control other peoples’ behavior. Nate’s choice to quit again is disappointing, but not unexpected.

We’re really proud of the last two songs we recorded as a band. In Nate’s mind the stylistic change was enough to throw away his career. We just thought they were great Finch songs. We’ve posted both them on the Finch YouTube channel, and hope you enjoy them.

Cheers everybody! We’ll see y’all next year for the What It Is To Burn 15 year anniversary tour!

-Grizzly, Daniel, and Pappas”

The unreleased songs in question within the statement made by the other members of the band have been posted via Finch‘s official YouTube profile into a playlist (here). These differ from the songs uploaded by Barcalow.

Guitarist Alex Linares, bassist Daniel Wonacott, and drummer Alex Pappas have recently formed a new group called Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes, which sees Senses Fail‘s own Buddy Nielsen handling vocals.