NEWS: Feed The Rhino pull out of SikTh’s December 2015 UK tour!

London based noise makers Feed The Rhino have regrettably announced via a statement on their Facebook profile that they will no longer be performing as support for SikTh during their UK tour next month, explaining that they “need to take a breath from being FTR”. You can read the full statement from the band below:

“Hi all,

We are disappointed and saddened to announce that we are no longer able to join the awesome Sikth on their up coming UK tour in December.

This is due to reasons that we will try and explain below, but first and most importantly we would like to apologise to Sikth, their team and the fans who have bought tickets for the shows and have been excited to see us play. Cancelling a tour like this is something we wouldn’t do lightly (Sikth have been a huge inspiration to members of this band).

For the last six years FTR has encompassed the five of our lives, and we have seen and done things that we never thought possible. But behind the scene, normal life carries on, and we all try and juggle the band with our other commitments in life (families, wives, mortgages, businesses etc). The older we have got, and the more successful the band has grown to be, the harder the juggling act has become.

It has come to light in the last few weeks that for some in the band, committing to any more shows for the remainder of the year is an impossible task. We need to take a breath from being FTR, to see through an increasingly large mountain of personal commitments so that we can continue with the band next year.

We hope to come back in 2016 better than ever, with new music and a determination to make up for our short comings over the last 12 months.

Here’s to a better 12 months, and once again, our biggest apologies.

Oz, Chris, Sam, James and Lee. x”

News on any forthcoming dates from the band in 2016 will be announced as and when they’ve been confirmed.