NEWS: Fall Out Boy share three unfinished demos from ‘Mania’ sessions!

Last month, Chicago pop-rock heroes Fall Out Boy finally dropped ‘Mania’, the band’s seventh full-length album which was initially set to drop a few months prior back in mid-September. However, due to not being fully confident on the version of the album at that time, stating it felt rushed and unready, they went back to work on it some more.

With a few scrapped and unfinished songs stockpiled and collecting dust, the band have now issued out a small handful of them out to fans as a thank you for being so patient whilst they finished off the record.

Released under the alias Frosty & The Nightmare Making Machines in the form of a 3-track EP titled ‘Llamania’, you can give each of the three demo tracks a listen below.

The band’s latest full-length album, ‘Mania’, is available now through Island Records/DCD2.