NEWS: Fall Out Boy cryptically tease ‘Mania’ for April 27th 2017!

Chicago based pop-punk turned pop-rock boys Fall Out Boy have been teasing some rather cryptic stuff for the past couple of days, and, besides it being something called ‘Mania’, everyone is stumped.

To catch you all up, on Friday (April 21st) the band tweeted out a vague video clip saying “Mania Entertainment Group”, asking for Chicago to silence their mobile/cell phones at 11AM at a list of several addresses across the city via Instagram (here).

A fan went to one of the listed addresses, all of which were cinemas, where Fall Out Boy displayed a short trailer, depicting a couple of a beach, before everything starts turning purple and gets a bit creepy, but ends with the date of April 28th 2017.

Since then, the band’s bassist Pete Wentz has taken to his own personal Twitter account offering more cryptic tweets about it, but also confirming that they’ve pushed forward the date of whatever ‘Mania’ might be to April 27th 2017, and instead referring to it as “PURPLE”.

Since then, the trailer that was showcased in those select cinemas across Chicago has now surfaced online with the revised release date of April 27th 2017.

We’re not sure what it all means, but it’s likely to be in the form of new material. Whether that’s in the form of a new single, an EP, an album, or something else entirely is yet to be seen.