NEWS: Ex-Vanna members reform as Inspirit; debut ‘Fold’!

Credit: Chorale Miles

Members from the 2006 Vanna line-up have formed a new band called Inspirit, which came together due to the free time during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

Described as “Vanna, in spirit”, the band’s line-up consists of guitarists Nicholas Lambert and Evan Pharmakis, drummer Brandon Davis, bassist Shawn Marquis, and vocalist Chris Preece.

To induct the project, the band have released their debut single called ‘Fold’, and this is what Preece had to say about it.

“‘Fold’ explores the idea of a temporal paradox in time travel and how we can’t change the past without becoming untethered from the future.”

You can stream and check out ‘Fold’ along with its video (directed by James Barbosa) below.

Further activity and releases from Inspirit will be confirmed as they develop.