NEWS: Everyone Dies In Utah sign with InVogue Records!

Texas based post-hardcore troupe Everyone Dies In Utah have just confirmed that they have signed a deal with record label InVogue Records, through which the band will be releasing their self-titled record and follow-up to 2013’s ‘Neutral Ground’. Lead singer, Danny Martinez, had the following to say about the signing:

“We’ve been touring non-stop for the past couple of years and our fans want a new album. They’re very loyal and it is time we give it to them. I think we found the perfect home for Everyone Dies In Utah. We are excited to be on InVogue Records! This upcoming album will be self-titled because in a sense this album is us, we aren’t writing about a central theme of any kind. We’re writing about us, our life, and our struggles. I’m beyond excited to unleash this to the world with InVogue Records!”

You can take a look at the album artwork below:

Though a release date and finalised track listing are yet to be confirmed, the band have released a short teaser of new track ‘Chronophobia’, which can be streamed here.