NEWS: Eva Plays Dead have their van robbed of their gear in Derby!

Nottingham based rockers Eva Plays Dead have unfortunately been subject to a robbery, having their van robbed of their gear whilst in Derby. The value of the gear taken from the band values up to around £3,000 in total, with the equipment that was taken from them including their drum kit, a guitar pedal board, and amp heads.

The band are currently working with the local police to help locate and reclaim their equipment, and are reaching out to their fans for help at this unfortunate and difficult time.

You can watch a video and read a statement made by the band’s vocalist Tiggy Dee below:

The band are asking for fans in the area to keep an eye out for anyone trying to sell any of the stolen equipment in the area, as this may link them to the criminals responsible. They’re also asking fans to help out by building back their funds so they can replace their equipment so they can continue with the show and recording commitments already in place and forthcoming.

You can help by purchasing a t-shirt (here), making a donation via their PayPal account (here), or picking up something from their merch store (here