NEWS: Enter Shikari unveil new documentary, ‘Content 2.0’!

Credit: Promo

In what is definitely a treat for fans, Enter Shikari have released a documentary that explores the making of their latest album, ‘The Spark’, which was released last year and we named our #1 album of 2017.

The documentary, ‘Content 2.0’, contains interviews with all four members of the band, as well as behind-the-scenes footage and live performances.

Frontman Rou Reynolds had to this offer regarding the documentary.

“We wanted people to be comfortable with their own interpretations and perspectives of what the album is before we started crushing their dreams with our insights and expositions into the arcane technical aspects of the recording. We hope there’s something in the documentary for rabid fan and passing-interest viewer alike.”

The documentary lasts just over an hour, so set some time aside and watch it below.

The band’s fifth full-length album, ‘The Spark’, is out now on Ambush Reality.