NEWS: Enter Shikari to release lyrics and essays book, ‘Dear Future Historians’!

Enter Shikari are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their debut album ‘Take To The Skies’ this year, and in another way of looking back at their illustrious career so far, they’re also set to release a lyrics, essays and photo book, titled ‘Dear Future Historians’.

The book, named after the track of the same name on their 2015 album ‘The Mindsweep’, will be released on March 6th 2017.

The book’s 192 pages will feature all of frontman Rou Reynold‘s lyrics from ‘Take To The Skies’ through to band’s latest single ‘Hoodwinker’, plus extensive essays by Reynolds with the meanings, backstories, and inspirations behind a lot of the songs. It’ll also include a load of unseen photos and artwork from throughout the band’s career.

You can pre-order the book online now via the band’s official website (here), Waterstones (here), Amazon (here), and Faber (here).