NEWS: Dying Fetus song ‘Second Skin’ features on South Park!

Credit: South Park (S23E02: Band In China)

Plenty of bands and their songs have featured on comedic cartoon series South Park since it first aired, and Maryland death metal band Dying Fetus are the latest addition to that list.

In the latest episode of its current season, one of the shows main characters Stan Marsh starts up a death metal band called Crimson Dawn, alongside his friends Kenny McCormick, Butters Stotch, and Jimmy Valmer.

The song that the band perform is called ‘Second Skin’, which comes from Dying Fetus‘ 2012 album, ‘Reign Supreme’.

You can see the song’s appearance on the show below (0:34 onwards, before then the band perform ‘Useless Sacrifice’ by Death Decline).

You can watch season 23 of South Park on Comedy Central.