NEWS: Drummer Zac Farro rejoins Paramore!

With speculations being pretty rife in the past few months anyway, especially as his involvement on performing and recording on the band’s forthcoming album being publicly known anyway, it’s now official. Zac Farro, former drummer for Paramore is now… well, no longer a former member of the band.

Though there’s no explicit statement from either the band, Farro, or any of the other two members of the band, Paramore have sent out a highly suggestive tweet with an image of Farro as a child with the message “I’m Back” along with a link to their website, where you can purchase a t-shirt with the image of infant Farro on it.

You can check out the tweet in question below:

Zac Farro was a founding member of Paramore, alongside brother and ex-guitarist Josh Farro and vocalist Hayley Williams. Both of the Farro brothers stepped down in 2010 with a well documented exit, doing so shortly after one of the final tours to support their 2009 record, ‘Brand New Eyes’.

Unlike Zac, there’s no word on his brother Josh having any further close involvement or activity alongside the band and its other members, and such no speculation of also making a return.

Paramore have reportedly recently completed the recording of their yet-to-be-titled fifth album, which is expected to see a release towards the end of 2017.