NEWS: Drummer Dan Kavanagh steps down from Jamie Lenman’s band!


After spending several years as a part of Jamie Lenman‘s live band, drummer Dan Kavanagh (formerly of Godsized) has announced that he’ll now be stepping down.

Kavanagh has been a part of Lenman‘s live band since his return to the world of music after in 2013, dropping his debut solo album ‘Muscle Memory’ five years after Reuben‘s split.

You can read Kavanagh‘s statement confirming his decision to step down from Lenman‘s band below.

“Hey friends. It’s been an amazing part of my life for something like 10 years, for which I am truly grateful, but I’m stepping down as Jamie’s drummer. It’s all good and I like to think we’ll make music again one day.

Thanks so much to everyone who supported me on this gig, I needed it. Especially old Jimbo, who made me a better musician. The pals I’ve made along the way and all our crew have made it such a laugh, and it’s been a privilege to play so many shows to so many amazing fans.

I was trying to find a good photo to sign off with, and ended up on a very emotional photographic trip down memory lane. What a ride this has been, I gave it everything I had x”

At the time of writing, it’s uncertain if and when Kavanagh may be returning to a musical project in the future.

Jamie Lenman‘s forthcoming covers album, ‘Shuffle’, is scheduled for release on July 5th 2019 through Big Scary Monsters.

You can pre-order the album online now from the label’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

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