NEWS: Drag Me Out pull their song ‘Hollow’ from stores and streaming!

Credit: Promo

Less than a week ago, Drag Me Out (the new project formed by ex-Asking Alexandria vocalist, Denis Stoff) surprise released their debut album, ‘Pressure’, but it’s already facing a notable edit.

Within a few hours of the album being made available to stream and download from major streaming services and digital stores, the track ‘Hollow’ was removed from its track list.

Before its removal from YouTube, where it was hosted on the Sumerian Records channel, it has been reported that fans were making comparisons to that of Asking Alexandria‘s song, ‘Alone In A Room’.

Due to the removal of the stream from YouTube, it’s no longer possible to see what the comments were exactly, though the discussion has been moved elsewhere, such as Reddit on the Metalcore subreddit (here) and the Asking Alexandria subreddit (here).

Fans are speculating that the removal of the song, and in some places the entire album, are due to the similarities between the two songs by two different bands on the same label, and some believe that there may even be some legal action in play.

At the time of writing, however, there hasn’t been any official word of the reason for the song’s removal online from either band or a representative of Sumerian Records.

Those who purchased and downloaded the album before its removal will still own ‘Hollow’.

More details surrounding this situation will be confirmed as it develops.