NEWS: Dr. Living Dead! sign with Century Media Records!

Skull masked metal outfit Dr. Living Dead! have just happily announced that they have signed a deal with Century Media Records, through which they’ll be releasing their third album and follow-up to 2012’s ‘Radioactive Intervention’. You can read a statement from the band below:

“The Doc is beyond honored to sign with Century Media, past and present home to many of our favorite bands. The energy within this partnership is building up to a nuclear meltdown, ready to tear down the walls of reality and break the barriers of room and time… or at least your fucking stereo. Get ready people!!! //TEAMxDEADx”

Century Media Records‘ main A&R Jens Prüter also made the following comment:

“We are proud to welcome Dr. Living Dead! to the Century Media family. They bring back the excitement of late ’80s crossover shows – when crossover was still the unholy marriage of thrash metal and hardcore punk – and it was mandatory to get hurt in the moshpit. These deadly doctors from Sweden definitely know more about good friendly violent fun than spiritual healing and I’m glad we can help them to spread their disease. A special thanks to High Roller Records who discovered and supported the band in the first place!”

The band’s third studio album, ‘Crush The Sublime Gods’, is scheduled to be released in early 2015 via Century Media Records.