NEWS: Don Broco to re-release their single ‘Hold On’ and are set to record new material!

Up and coming rockers Don Broco have revealed that on June 24th, they are going to re-release their single ‘Hold On’.

Lead singer, Rob Domiani explained the concept behind the song as follows: ‘The idea for Hold On came about one particular night when I realised everyone I was out with was on the pull. I was bored of having no-one to talk to, so eavesdropped their conversations. The things people who have just met will say to get each other into bed is shocking. I was overhearing some pretty ridiculous chat up lines and didn’t want to forget them so text them to the rest of the band as it was happening. They had no idea what I was on about till the next morning. I think they still suspect I was coming on to them’.

The song is taken from the band’s debut album ‘Priorities’, out now on Search & Destroy Records.

The band have also said that they are about to hit the studio to record new material, which should be released later this year.