NEWS: Don Broco respond to backlash on ‘Wat’cha Gonna Do’!

Despite just coming fresh off of a sold out headline slot at London’s Alexandra Palace, the band’s biggest show to date, Bedford’s Don Broco have faced a bit of an uproar and backlash online regarding their song, ‘Wat’cha Gonna Do’.

The track, which featured on their 2008 EP, ‘Thug Workout’, is facing scrutiny lately due to its lyrical content, which revolves around the topic of date rape, with one of the lines reading, “Everybody at the bar havin’ good times, yo / So I slip her a wink and away we go / So I slip it in her drink and away we go.”

The band have since responded via Twitter, addressing the nature of the song, its intended message, and the meaning behind its choice of lyrics.

You can find the tweet including the full response below.

“Hey guys just got off a flight to the States and seen a load of tweets asking about our song Wat’cha Gonna Do so wanna clear up anything confusion. This was a song on the Thug Workout EP which we wrote during our first year at university, lyrically drawing from some of the worst sides of human behaviour.

The EPs lyrics are sung from the perspective of various fictional characters whose actions are obviously deplorable. The songs act to acknowledge that these types of people exist in our society. In Thug Workout for example, the lyrics are sung from the perspective of an absolute twat looking for a fight on a night out. They were in no way intended to condone or glorify these actions, rather an attempt to take frankly about some very distressing social issues without any sugar coating.

Regarding Wat’cha Gonna Do, the use of ‘date rape’ drugs in nightclubs was a big talking point in the media at the time and it was something that affected one of our close female friends personally. The lyrics were intended to be especially uncomfortable to listen to as they describe such dark subject matter. If the thought processes/internal monologues in the song sound fucked up, it’s because they are. It takes a very messed up person to even consider doing something like that.

The song was never meant to normalise the actions described, but stare an ugly issue in the face. We sincerely apologies if it ever caused anyone any shock or offence.

DB x”

For those who wish to listen to the song in question, an embedded player for ‘Wat’cha Gonna Do’ can be found below.

At the time of writing, Don Broco also more recently sent out a tweet in relation to different allegations that have recently been made towards a member of the band.

More details surrounding and concerning the above will be confirmed as it develops further.