NEWS: DevilDriver announce their new album, ‘Winter Kills’!

Metal heavyweights DevilDriver have released the first details surrounding their eagerly awaited upcoming full-length, titled ‘Winter Kills’, which is released on August 26th 2013 via Napalm Records.

Frontman Dez Farfara had this to say of the record: “This is by far DevilDriver’s most cohesive, powerful, groove-laden record to date! We delivered our signature California Groove sound alongside a raw and biting guitar tone, mixed it with massive hooks, added in thunderous drums to rethink and reshape another different sounding, unique piece of rock n’ roll! Cutting our own path is something to be proud of. DevilDriver has always and will forever be about thinking outside the box, and delivering on something different from record to record. We cannot be assimilated into any scene or even genre of metal and we will continue to do things our own way, with a massive middle finger in the air to the status quo! Hail rock ‘n’ roll!”

Check out the artwork below: