NEWS: Denis Stoff (ex-Asking Alexandria) allegedly avoiding refunding for failed guest feature!

With news from the Asking Alexandria camp coming in thick and fast over the past week or two, according to a new short video posted by Maxime Solemn, a solo artist based in Belgium, the band’s now former frontman Denis Stoff has allegedly avoided refunding Solemn for a paid vocal feature that he was unable to deliver.

According to the video uploaded by Solemn, Stoff was offering to provide guest vocals to bands and artists before joining Asking Alexandria and whilst still a part of his former outfit, Down & Dirty.

After paying a deposit and joining Asking Alexandria, Stoff contacted Solemn to inform him that he’d no longer be able to provide the agreed feature spot. Following several exchanges of contact, Solemn was still awaiting and refund, and, at the time of writing, is allegedly still yet to receive it. Solemn sent payment for the guest spot in January 2015.

You can watch the video posted by Solemn explaining his side of the story further below:

Solemn also recently had a short video interview with YouTuber Brian Storm, during which he expands a little further on his position with this incident:

Along with the above videos, Solemn has also provided a downloadable zip folder via Dropbox (here), which contains screenshots of his interactions with Stoff regarding the transaction and chasing the return of his payment.

At the time of writing, Stoff is yet to provide a response regarding his departure from Asking Alexandria other than a tweet replying to Ash Avildsen, the CEO and founder of Sumerian Records. You can find the tweet embedded below: