NEWS: Delaire The Liar unveil video for new song, ‘Locked (For A Reason)’!

Credit: Promo

Delaire The Liar have opted to keep themselves busy whilst in isolation, and have shot and released a video for their new heart-wrenching single, ‘Locked (For A Reason)’.

The video showcases vocalist Ffin Colley‘s struggles during this time of being locked away, and the stages that probably most people are going through these days.

This is what Colley had to say about it.

“‘Locked (For A Reason)’ handles discomfort, failure and acceptance. A song about dissecting every poor choice you’ve made, every aggression you regret. In a period of time where seclusion is necessary, all that opportunity to think can really force you to the mirror and urge you to break it. The video tries to explore all of those motions of sadness; the intensity, the relief of social interaction from hundreds of miles away but ultimately it’s brevity and the difficulty in trying to remain motivated whilst the world is on fire.”

You can check out ‘Locked (For A Reason)’ below.