NEWS: Deftones share updated ‘White Pony’ Pac-Man game!

Credit: Tamar Levine

Sacramento’s Deftones have released an updated version of their Pac-Man style ‘White Pony’ arcade game, two decades on from its original release.

The game initially came as a bonus with the enhanced CD version of their 2000 album, and now this updated version continues the band’s ode to mark the anniversary, having dropped their ‘White Pony X Black Stallion’ remix album last year.

The game allows you to connect your Spotify account, so you can listen to the band’s music as you playing as the white stallion, chased by the band’s members heads in a fun, nu-metal nod to the classic arcade game, Pac-Man.

What’s more, those who win the game get exclusive Deftones discounts on the band’s official merch store.

“A call back to the original White Pony game that came with our enhanced CD in 2000. Play our 20th anniversary version at, and get the chance to receive an exclusive discount in our webstores.”

You can play the updated arcade game online now at