NEWS: Deftones release new beer, Dia de los Deftones!

Credit: Instagram (@belchingbeaver)

Californian metal monoliths Deftones have just shared news that they’ll be entering the brewery industry once again with the announcement of a new beer called Dia de los Deftones.

The band teamed up with San Diego based brewery Belching Beaver for the drink, which is named after the band’s annual self-curated festival, through whom they also created and released their New England style IPA, Digital Bath.

Dia de los Deftones is a 5% ABV Mexican-style lager with lime, and you can view a short video of it being produced in the Belching Beaver brewery below.

The limited release Dia de los Deftones Mexican lager is currently available from select distributors in California, but will soon be available in other US and international markets.

More details will be announced on the Belching Beaver website as it develops.