NEWS: Deftones release limited edition ‘White Pony’ tequila!

Credit: Abre Ojos Tequila

Metal giants Deftones are continuing the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of their third album ‘White Pony’ with the release of a limited edition tequila.

In partnership with Abre Ojos Tequila, the spirit will be released on Monday (March 15th 2021) limited to just 2,880 bottles, and won’t be available outside of the US.

Here’s what the band had to say about it via Instagram.

“Continuing our White Pony 20th year celebration, we are very excited to share that our #WhitePony tequila, in collaboration with Abre Ojos Tequila, is hitting retailers this Monday, the 15th. With notes of caramel, vanilla, and toasted graham cracker, only 2,880 bottles of this special “Anniverario” añejo have been produced. Our tequila will be available in CA, TN, NY, PA, DE, MA, CT, MD, D.C. and also online for additional states. Visit for more information, and to find a distributor near you. Saludos!”

The release of the tequila follows on from a limited pale ale, a remix album called ‘Black Stallion’, and a revamped relaunch of a Pac-Man style video game to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘White Pony’.

More information regarding the ‘White Pony’ tequila can be found at