NEWS: Dead Posey release animated video for ‘Head Of The Snake’!

Credit: Neto Velasco

Los Angeles based rock duo Dead Posey have released an animated video for ‘Head Of The Snake’, a track from the band’s latest EP, ‘Malfunction’.

This is what the band had to say of the song’s video.

“We started thinking about a ‘Head Of The Snake’ video during the initial heavy days of COVID-19 quarantine, and quickly realized we were gonna need something that we didn’t have to physically shoot. That’s where the idea of doing an animated video came from. We worked with the very talented animator/illustrator Tony Celano at Sumerian Records to put this together. We wanted to show DP in a warped 50s horror B-movie, with some surrealist Lynchian twists thrown in.

The song is about throwing off the shackles imposed by long-standing oppressive institutions and belief systems; we wanted the imagery to give that impression in an abstract way… while also throwing a couple direct gut punches to the system.”

You can check out ‘Head Of The Snake’ and its video below.

The band’s ‘Malfunction’ EP is out now via Sumerian Records/Position Records.