NEWS: Dead Harts call it a day; farewell shows to be announced!

After releasing two full-length records and several years of touring seeing them leaving any venues they cross through destroyed in their wake, Sheffield heavy hitters Dead Harts have regrettably announced that they will be calling it a day, citing the reason behind the decision being that their “passion to write new music, and frankly the perseverance to tour it relentlessly, has ebbed away.”

You can read the full statement posted by the band via their official Facebook page below:


It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Dead Harts is coming to an end.

Since 2009 we have given everything to pursue a dream that many will only experience as just that.

The brutal truth is that as time passes, people change and so do their priorities. The passion to write new music, and frankly the perseverance to tour it relentlessly, has ebbed away recently. Replaced by a wanting for less financial pressure and the ability to settle, spend more time with friends and family and achieve other professional goals. This applies for some more than others, but in order to give this band what it needed to continue it required 5 of us to be on the same page, driving forward together and that just isn’t the case any more. Even though we all still love each other like brothers.

We have been through some tough times: 12 member changes, numerous scrapped tour vans and even bereavement but we always came out fighting at the other end. There’s no denying the achievements that we’ll never forget; Touring Russia, playing Download, Cult for the Haggard Youth hitting number 4 in the iTunes charts, awesome features in the magazines we grew up reading and tours with some of our heroes are just a few of them.

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky and we are endlessly thankful to have had the support we have received from you and to have made countless friends and memories along the way. It kept us on the road for the last 7 years.

It would be impossible to express our gratitude to every individual and band we want to in this post but you likely know who you are! We hope that what you got back from us in terms of our live performances and the music we have created goes some way to saying “Thank You”.

We’ll be announcing our final shows later this week. Would be awesome to see you all and rough it up one last time.

Pask, Bax, Ant, Dom and Dom.

Dead Harts. The Cult for the Haggard Youth. 2009-2016.”

More news surrounding the band’s final shows before parting ways will be confirmed later this week, as the band have confirmed.

The band’s latest record, ‘Cult For The Haggard Youth’, is available now through Transcend Music. You can purchase it now via iTunes (here), Amazon (here), or via the label’s webstore (here).

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