NEWS: Daryl Palumbo confirms the third Glassjaw album is “ready, locked, and loaded”!

With 15 years and counting, it seems like the wait for the eventual release of the increasingly elusive third Glassjaw album is never going to end – we didn’t even have to wait this long to hear the infamous Guns N’ Roses record, ‘Chinese Democracy’. However, vocalist Daryl Palumbo has confirmed that the record is “fully done” and that “there’s definitely a full record ready, locked, and loaded.”

Palumbo unveiled these details surrounding the yet-to-be-titled (though speculated to be named ‘Material Control’ on Reddit) record’s completion during a chat on the If I Ruled The World Podcast, hosted by George Reynolds of Mind Over Matter, in which they also discussed the band’s dynamics between both Palumbo and bandmate Justin Beck, and the New York hardcore scene in general.

Expanding further on the record’s actual release, he says, “I guess the record is probably a few months from actually- a release date. There’s only so much of a concrete date I can really give, but it’s definitely very close to actually coming out… it’s very much done. It’s done. It’s fully done”, before later adding, “We’ve finished the Glassjaw record. It’s definitely the first full-length in 15 years, so I’m happy to have it finally happen.”

He later goes on to talk about intentions of release, “Luckily, it’s like “Well, we could put a record out in 48 hours. Should we do it? Yeah, we might as well put it out.” So, I imagine there will be really cool ways of putting out individual songs in a fun way, doing creative things like that – ‘arts and crafts projects’ we always call it. But, there’s definitely a full record ready, locked, and loaded.”

At one point during the chat, it’s implied that label complications have somewhat impacted its release, with Palumbo sharing that they were “kind of in kahoots with a label, I probably shouldn’t even really say the name as of right now, but it kind of – I guess the label stopped being a label, so we’re kind of in our own boat right now. But, it feels good, I feel that either the label that we were kind of talking to would be the answer, and if not, I think that probably Justin and I might just move forward putting it out. I think that’s probably the best way to do it; either us or this really rad situation that kind of fell through. But I’m not bummed, I’m very stoked with where we’re at right now.”

In the interview, Palumbo also talked about who is involved with the record, which includes Reynolds and the band’s former bassist, Ariel Telford, who left the group back in 1998. Speaking to Reynolds directly, Palumbo says, “I don’t imagine anything else getting added, but you’re the only person besides Justin, myself, and Billy who was playing drums at that time, who’s in The Dillinger Escape Plan and who’s a monster, obviously. But you’re the only other person besides us three people on that record. Ariel, from the 90s, who became a Krishna devotee, he came and played some sort of percussion. So, the intro to your song – so, your song is the only song that has anybody aside from the three people who played everything on it, and you and Ariel appear on the same sort of composition.”

If you want to listen to the interview, you can find it embedded below – you can skip straight to the 9:17 mark to kick off where the chat with Palumbo begins.

Though the interview itself was recorded back in the tail-end of 2016, it’s worth noting that it has been left until now to be uploaded and shared, and that both Palumbo and Reynolds are both close friends to one another.

It also coincides with their US tour supporting The Used, where they’ve been debuting some new and previously unheard songs, all of which certainly imply that a release could be much sooner than we think now.

More news and details surrounding the yet-to-be-titled third Glassjaw album will be confirmed as it develops.

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