NEWS: Dan Searle (Architects) starts blog, What Gods Made For Fun!

As time passes in recent years, it seems that fear has become a more emboldened and prominent feature in almost every aspect of life, sadly becoming something that essentially acts as a driving force in our lives.

Following the recent tragic events that unfolded in Manchester on Monday (May 22nd 2017), and with how politics have been operating over the past few years, Architects drummer Dan Searle has opted to tackle some of these ideas head on in a newly created blog, What Gods Made For Fun.

In the blog post, Dan addresses the subject of fear, linking this specifically in part to the Manchester Arena bombing, terrorism and conflict in the Middle East in recent years, and the upcoming UK general election.

An excerpt from the piece reads, “I’ve been repeatedly reminded lately that we (unbelievably) live in the most peaceful time in human history. Not that this pardons us from the horrors of today’s global events. One has to feel that we must do better in 2017.”

You can read the full post written by Dan on his opinion blog, What Gods Made For Fun (here).