NEWS: Dan Searle (Architects) discusses Tom Searle’s passing on SWIM podcast!

On August 20th 2016, the music world was shook by Tom Searle‘s (guitarist and principle songwriter for Architects) passing following a 3-year long battle with cancer, but none more so than his family, friends, and fellow band mates, particularly drummer and twin brother, Dan Searle.

Now, for the first time since Tom‘s tragic death, Dan has decided to speak out and talk about his brother publicly in an interview with Daniel P. Carter through his SWIM (Someone Who Isn’t Me) podcast.

Speaking further about how the discussion came to be, and why he felt it was right to talk about his brother at this time and via this medium, Dan posted the following statement via his personal Instagram account, and also via the band’s Facebook page:

“Recently I sat down with my friend, Dan Carter, to talk publicly for the first time about Tom’s death. For whatever reason, I felt the need to let people know certain things about the way Tom handled his illness, especially during the last year of his life. It’s easy to draw conclusions about the way in which he approached his situation based on how other people you know may have dealt with cancer, but it’s also easy to be misled from the truth by lyrics that he wrote too. That’s not to say that his lyrics weren’t genuine, but that they were simply a snapshot of a moment in time, a healthy way to exorcise his darker moments, and a way for him to find peace whilst in a position that creates so much distress.

I wanted to make sure that this conversation took place in a format that was unedited and available to anyone, for free, anywhere in the world. I know a lot of people cared about Tom, and I know that his death hit people hard, all around the world. I felt that there were things that those people deserved to know.

This conversation was something that I approached Dan about doing. He kindly and graciously agreed to meet with me, and I thank him enormously for facilitating the opportunity to do something that I really felt I had to do. Honestly, it was much harder than I had expected. I get emotional throughout, so please bear with me whilst you listen, it was sometimes a challenge to say what I wanted to say.

Much love to you all and thank you for your support.

Dan x”

You can listen to the full podcast online now via acast (here), or you can download it for free via iTunes (here).

Donations towards the Martlets Hospice, who took care of Tom during his time of illness, are still being accepted via a JustGiving page (here) that was set up by the band.

You can read more about the work they do on their website (here).

The band’s latest full-length album, ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’, is available now through Epitaph Records.