NEWS: Cutting Teeth unveil new song, ‘No Mercy’!

Credit: Olli Appleyard

Yorkshire based heavy hitters Cutting Teeth have just unveiled ‘No Mercy’, the band’s brand new track and second offering of fresh material since last year’s debut EP, ‘First Cut’.

Speaking about the meaning for the song, the band had this to say.

“‘No Mercy’ comes from a feeling of hopeless self-deprecation when you reflect upon your life, and how you try distract yourself from that feeling (in the video, it’s through various substances). You want to fight but you’re overpowered, exhausted and just want to give up. This song tries to illustrate that kind of power struggle, especially with the frantic nature of the riffs, drums and juxtaposition in speed and tone throughout. We wanted to make the listener feel angry and like there’s no rest, almost unease. It’s a very honest song and captured a point in our lives, where as individuals we’ve felt that.”

You can stream and check out the video for ‘No Mercy’ below.

At the time of writing, it’s believed that ‘No Mercy’ will remain a one-off stand alone single.