NEWS: Cult Of Luna to go on hiatus!

Post metal heavyweights Cult Of Luna have announced that they are set to go on hiatus in next year after a phenomenally successful 2013. You can read a statement from the band regarding the upcoming break below.

‘We are not quitting.

2013 have been a very active year for us and neither do we want or think it is good to continue in that pace.

We will not be a band that put out an album every 18-24 month anymore. We did that for almost 10 years when we were younger and were able to focus more on the music.

After Beyond The Redshift we might do a festival or two but after that we have nothing planned.

Maybe we’ll release another album next year or maybe in a decade, we honestly don’t know.

Sooner or later we will return in one form or another.

Cult Of Luna will not die.’

Cult Of Luna will play the Beyond The Redshift festival in 2014, which takes place at takes place at the Forum, Dome and Boston Music Room in London on May 10th. The band’s latest full length ‘Vertikal’ is out now via Indie Recordings.