NEWS: Creeper tease “fugitives of heaven” and live return in November 2019?!

Credit: Promo

Since their sudden apparent break-up onstage in London last year, Creeper fans have been desperately waiting for them to confirm it was all just a ruse and to return to the forefront again.

Fans have been looking out for clues and hints from the band ever since, and though they’ve all of course ended up being fruitless, it looks like the punk rock outfit’s silence is coming to an end.

Over the past week, members of the band have been putting out cryptic teasers of something mysterious on their social accounts, including suggestions that a member has been abducted by aliens, an odd phone number, and even so far as the deletion of social posts and account deactivations.

More recently and notably, however, a shrouded bolt image has been appearing on their Instagram stories.

Now, through some thorough digging from their cult-like fanbase, a clear image of the same bolt has been found to promote an upcoming show.

The show itself advertises an unknown act called Fugitives Of Heaven, which is either (though less likely) the new name of the band, which would mean they did actually (technically) break up, or that this will be the new incarnation of the gang that accompanies the conceptual narrative of their next era, much like The Callous Heart did previously.

The show will be held at 229 in London on November 1st 2019 – exactly one year to the day that they performed their farewell show at London’s KOKO.

Tickets for the show are also on sale now, and can be purchased online from the venue’s official website (here).

UPDATE: September 29th 2019 @ 3:19PM

The band have since posted about the show on their socials, confirming as speculated that this will indeed mark their return and their next era.