NEWS: Creeper leave a James Scythe letter at their “final” show in London!

Credit: Promo

UPDATE: A letter from the band’s fictional character James Scythe was found scrunched up and left behind on the London KOKO floor. Read more here.

The shockwaves following Creeper‘s apparent disbanding at their London KOKO show last night (November 1st 2018) are still pulsating across their fanbase, but apparently things surrounding it all are even more absurd.

To catch you all up, Creeper frontman Will Gould announced to the sold out crowd that the show would be the last one that they’ll ever do.

You can read our full report on the events that unfolded here.

The folks over at DIY Magazine (their article on this can be read here) have reportedly found a scrunched up and crumpled letter from James Scythe.

For those of you who don’t know who James Scythe is, he was the paranormal investigator who mysteriously disappeared back on the December 27th 2015 after staying in Southampton’s Dolphin Hotel, and soon became an integral character in the narrative of the band’s 2017 debut album, ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’.

You can take a look at this scrunched up letter from the fictional James Scythe below.

“Listen closely to the wind at night, can you hear my name?
Under the static Sunday strident, can you hear my name?
Kept for us a special place, beyond the moon and sea.
Every star will die tonight, even you and me.
2 for sorrow, dark and numb.
4 for joy, love for none.
See you in the next world, James Scythe”

More details as to the the validity of the band’s apparent split will be confirmed as and if it develops.