NEWS: Cradle Of Filth enlist new keyboardist, Anabelle Iratni!

Credit: Alexander Trinitatov

British extreme metal icons Cradle Of Filth have officially enlisted Anabelle Iratni as their new keyboardist/vocalist.

Iratni made her debut performance with the band earlier this week as part of their livestream event, but the band have now confirmed her as a full-time member.

Along with now being a member of Cradle Of Filth, Iratni is also a member of frontman Dani Filth‘s other band, Devilment, and also has a project of her own called Veile.

The band’s thirteenth album, ‘Existence Is Futile’, is expected to be released later this year via Nuclear Blast Records.

More details are expected to follow in the coming weeks.