NEWS: Courtney LaPlante confirms her departure from iwrestledabearonce!

Due to an absence of an official statement from iwrestledabearonce themselves, it’s been uncertain as to the position of vocalist Courtney LaPlante and guitarist Mike Stringer in the band since they announced their brand new project together, Spiritbox.

Earlier today (October 25th 2017), LaPlante hosted a live video session via her personal Instagram account (here), in which she talked to her followers about Spiritbox‘s forthcoming self-titled debut EP, and also responded to questions about iwrestledabearonce.

Early in the video, a follower asked the question, “Why did IWABO break-up?”, to which LaPlante responded, “You know, that’s a long one.”

She later returned to the subject, officially confirming that she’s no longer in the band, but that she didn’t step away from the group on bad terms, saying, “IWABO never put out a statement, but, I’ll be honest, I’m not in the band anymore. And, you know, it’s not anything bad, it’s just – I kind of came into that band – I came into that band as the replacement person and I did it for a while, and it was literally the best years of my entire life. The most fun I’ve ever had in my life. The most cool shit I’ve ever got to do in my life, and definitely the best experience of my life. But, it’s just, you know, sometimes it’s just time for something to be… done. It’s like time for a new chapter, and it’s time for me to start a new chapter.”

As to the current state of iwrestledabearonce following her departure, she commented, “I don’t know if IWABO is dead, I’m just not in it, and I’m sorry that we’re so like ugh about it. It’s not like we’ve been forthcoming with information, so thank you guys for just waiting.”

Later on, LaPlante is asked what was her favourite part of being in the band, confessing that it was “just physically being able to go all over the world was really cool. I never thought – like, in the back of my head I always wanted to be in a more successful band, and get to have those opportunities. I didn’t know if that would ever happen. I was gonna try really hard. It was so satisfying to get to, like, meet all of those people in other countries and tour with bands that I looked up to, and, even though I was almost always on vocal rest, I tried really hard to learn from all of those other bands.”

At the time of writing, though it’s also assumed that Stringer is also no longer a member of iwrestledabearonce, LaPlante didn’t officially confirm during the video session.

Along with this, there is currently no official statement from iwrestledabearonce affirming the status of the band.

LaPlante and Stringer‘s new project, Spiritbox, is set to release their self-titled debut EP on Friday (October 27th 2017).

You can pre-order the EP online now via iTunes (here), and Amazon (here).