NEWS: Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour) to feature on Doctor Who!

Des Moines native Corey Taylor, vocalist for boiler suit and mask wearing metallers Slipknot and hard rockers Stone Sour, has confirmed that he’ll be starring in a forthcoming episode of the British sci-fi show Doctor Who. Taylor has lent his formidable roar to alien warlord the Fisher King as he battles the Time Lord, Peter Capaldi.

Reportedly, Taylor is a massive fan of the show, and was approached by the team working on the show back in January whilst he was touring with Slipknot across the UK.

The monster that the vocalist provides the roar for, Fisher King, is a green hulk of a creature with horns protruding from his body. He is played by the tallest Brit, Neil Fingleton, and his speaking voice is provided by Shaun Of The Dead’s own Peter Serafinowicz.

The episode featuring the monster and Taylor‘s roars will feature on the episode titled ‘Under The Lake’, which will air on Saturday (October 3rd 2015) at 8:25PM-9:10PM (UK time) on BBC One.