NEWS: Corey Taylor (Slipknot) has security remove fan from Toronto show!

Whilst performing their song ‘(sic)’ at their show at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on July 19th 2016, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor had a fan, who was allegedly being disrespectful, removed from the show and venue by security.

Though what the fan did exactly to disrespect Taylor or the band isn’t completely clear at this stage, you can watch fan shot footage of the incident below, which sees the singer calling out and pointing his finger at the the fan before waving him off, saying “Bye, bye. Yup. Bye, bye, bitch.”, as security reportedly eject him from the show.

After the band had finished the show, Taylor took to Twitter to expand on what had happened and why he had the spectator ejected from the show.

This incident follows just a few weeks after Taylor, who is currently wearing a neck brace when performing on stage following some recent spinal surgery, knocks a fan’s mobile phone out of his hands for texting in the front row instead of watching the show (watch).