NEWS: Conquer Divide share first song in five years, ‘Chemicals’!

Credit: Promo

Following a few years of being inactive, metalcore quintet Conquer Divide have returned with ‘Chemicals’, their first offering of new material in five years.

The comeback song premiered on Revolver, and this is what guitarist Kristen Sturgis had to say of it and its message.

“‘Chemicals’ is about addiction from the perspective of an artist. More often than not, addiction can get swept under the rug or is almost encouraged in some circumstances by the people who are the closest to the the person who is addicted. Sometimes, being on the road can be the absolute worst place for an artist struggling with addiction, yet they are encouraged to keep going. Those around them don’t always see or read the signs and we end up losing so many talented musicians to overdoses or mental health issues that frequently accompany addiction. This happens everywhere, from rock and metal music to the highest echelons of pop. This song talks about how you can turn a blind eye, but at the end of the day, that makes you part of the problem.”

You can stream ‘Chemicals’ and check out its video below.

At the time of writing, its uncertain if the song will remain as a stand alone single, or if it will feature on a forthcoming EP or album.