NEWS: Conjurer unveil video for ‘Choke’!

Credit: Promo

After receiving its premiere over at Metal Hammer, Rugby’s heaviest monoliths Conjurer have released a video for ‘Choke’, which is taken from their acclaimed debut album, ‘Mire’.

Sharing what the song is all about and their vision for its video, the band had this to say.

“‘Choke’ is about the gutter press and the toll it takes on people in the public eye. It’s commonplace now for people of a high profile to be swarmed and harassed by cameras and microphones at every turn, invading their everyday lives, and such occurrences often have long-lasting and damaging effects.

After watching the documentary, Amy, it became very clear that media pressure and intrusion among other things became a major contributor in the death of a very fragile and gifted human being. Seeing how cruelly the media capitalise on people’s struggles for their own gain was sickening; how the press soon turned to quiet solemnity after years of exploitation and ridicule on their part struck an angry and resonant chord with us.

With the video, we wanted to confront the notion of this slick, lifeless, staged ‘product’ that the media can turn musicians into, and put it in stark contrast to the raw reality that bands like us actually thrive in. The camera keeps rolling regardless of the wellbeing of the people it focuses on.”

You can stream and watch the video for ‘Choke’ below.

The band’s debut studio album, ‘Mire’, is out now via Holy Roar Records.

You can purchase the record online now via the label’s webstore (here), BandCamp (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).