NEWS: Coheed & Cambria sign with Roadrunner Records!

New York based progressive rock favourites Coheed & Cambria have proudly confirmed that they’ve been signed and added as the latest addition to the Roadrunner Records roster – the world’s biggest major label that specialises in heavy metal and hard rock artists.

Roadrunner Records hosts an array of huge and established acts in the world of rock and metal, and boast a host of names including Slipknot, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Korn, Creeper, Code Orange, and more.

The news of the band’s signing to the label was confirmed with a brief and cryptic video shared by the label called Call Your Mother. It’s uncertain as to whether that’s the title of a forthcoming new record or song.

There’s also a caption with the uploaded video, which reads as follows.

“Know now there is no time…
Space, between the Well and unknowing
Our story starts there
Well within our future
Yet far beyond our past
In a romance between a pair of unheavenly creatures…”

With the mention of “the Well” – the name of a location within the fictional The Amory Wars science fiction novels that are written by frontman, Claudio Sanchez – it’s assumed that the new record will return to their overarching conceptual themes and narratives which were for the first time ever abandoned on their last album, ‘The Color Before The Sun’.

More details surrounding the eagerly-awaited forthcoming ninth album from the band will be confirmed as they develop.

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