NEWS: Coheed & Cambria debut new 10-minute long epic, ‘The Dark Sentencer’!

Credit: Promo

New York based progressive rockers Coheed & Cambria have come back with an epic 10-minute long and space-themed blast in ‘The Dark Sentencer’, the first song from their upcoming ninth record.

The track acts as the band’s first offering of new material since their 2015 full-length, ‘The Color Before The Sun’, and appears to be a metaphor for the state of today’s world.

Currently yet-to-be-announced, the new record is set accompany a forthcoming concept story from frontman Claudio Sanchez, who shared the following paragraph alongside the song.

“Years ago, chaos cut through this atmosphere. The fractured worlds that inhabit this space were once locked in a force of uncontrollable destruction. Gravity was lost. Their planetary trajectories conjoined in one catastrophic collision, choking to remain viable even as the dying glow of their cores peek through the cracks and scars of those impactful moments. Yet a gasp is a sign of life and the planets that many might have cast off as annihilated space continued to show a pulse across the hopelessness. This discarded earth is still very much alive… and made profitable by the 5 Houses of the Star Supremacy, an elite society who looked to the sky and saw potential in the wasted planets. The opportunistic approach could hardly be considered an act of empathy for the human condition, as the decision to convert the dying planets into private prisons meant another type of life sentence awaited those shipped off to their remote reaches. Here, the desolate and derelict would burn away slowly, trapped in a race to death with the very ground they stand on. In this space, between the Well and unknowing.”

You can stream and check out ‘The Dark Sentencer’ below.

More details surrounding the band’s forthcoming ninth album will be confirmed as they develop.