NEWS: Code Orange release documentary, ‘My World’!

Credit: Promo

Pittsburgh hardcore merchants Code Orange not only made waves, but tsunamis with their third full-length album ‘Forever’ in 2017, bringing in a GRAMMY nomination and mainstream attention to hardcore that few would ever deem possible.

Now, the band have released a behind-the-scenes documentary, ‘My World’, which provides a glimpse into the life of the band. It consists of raw live footage, and some from backstage and in the studio too.

As is the case with their music, you can certainly expect a surprise or two. The post-production was completed by guitarist Eric ‘Shade’ Balderose, and drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan had this to say about his inspiration for the short film, speaking to Revolver.

“We just wanted to make something that kind of showed a little bit of a different side to us, but in our mind still rolled with the vision that we’re trying to create through our records. There’s a lot of loose band documentaries with a lot of footage that we all really liked watching, like Type O’s ‘After Dark’ or I have Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Closure’. There’s a Pantera one, a great Manson one, a great KMFDM one… there’s just been a lot of cool ones over the years. So we thought, actually about two years ago at this point, “Let’s just start shooting and see what we can do.” Shade is the one who kind of put the whole thing together and added all the visual elements to it, which I think make it really interesting.”

You can stream and watch the 23-minute ‘My World’ documentary in full below.

The band’s GRAMMY nominated third studio album, ‘Forever’, is out now through Roadrunner Records.

You can purchase the album online now from Impericon (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).